When precision and repeatability are key

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motion control

When you need absolute control over your shot

the power of moco

Motion control has many applications within the movie industry and the most known is its repeatability. Being able to recreate the same camera move over and over again. As many times as you need and no matter how simple or complex your camera move is.

Motion control handles all movement and focus of the camera. This means that you do not need grip, dolly or focus puller when shooting with motion control. So you’ll be saving money.

How we take control

The tools in our arsenal

technodolly 15

Able to extend its arm 3 meters, reaching a lens height of 4.42 meters above the floor and move along an 18 meter dolly track. The Technodolly 15 is capable of achieving complex and outstanding camera moves with an incredible repeatable precision.

The Technodolly 15 always knows where it is in time and space. So it is not just motion control. It is also motion capture with the ability to export its tracking data for a virtual production shoot og post CGI work. Removing all guesswork to where the camera is in regards to its location and rotation.

mosys Camera Control

The MoSys system is a modular system that allows you to implement motion control in a variety of scales. Only need a Remote Camera head? That’s fine. Want to be able to dolly the camera as well? No problem. 

The MoSys system is very versatile and when you do not have the space for a crane on set or the accessibility of the location is difficult. The MoSys system solves your problems.

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