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virtual production

the new tool in the toolbox

Cine virtual production

Virtual production is a very broad term with a lot of different application methods. At The Volume CPH we focus on creating solutions specific for feature films, television series and advertisements. We call this Cine Virtual Production. Incorporating virtual production into the already existing workflow and setup of those types of production.


The best way to prepare yourself


With Previz you effectively create your shot or scene before you even get on set. With our realtime game engine we can create the shot or scene with real world values for the camera, location and lighting. Giving you the opportunity to actually shoot and edit your idea before you bring in the whole crew and start shooting. 

Previz has two very big benefits. The first is that you can test and see if what you had in mind actually works on screen and what it would require to do it on a real set. The second is costs. With previz you know exactly what you need when you get on set. No need to produce extra shots for safety or spend time thinking about where to place the camera, actors and lighting. All has been figured out in previz.


No more guessing about how thing will end up looking

The green screen replacement

There are many possibilities with the Live LED wall. Do you need to change the season outside the windows on set? Need to go from day to night and back again on the same shot day? Need to be in a different country? Need to be in a different universe? All is possible with the Live LED wall.

The Live LED wall cuts down on your postproduction costs since you don’t need to remove any green screen from the image and with our tracked camera, compositing images in post is straight forward.

With the Live LED wall you, the actors and postproduction no longer has to guess or imagine where objects in your scene are placed or how the final image is going to look. You can instantly see if your vision for the shot is working in camera.

The VP Pipeline

A new way of thinking production


It is alway better to do things before than after and with the virtual production pipeline you minimize your post production expenses and never have to worry about classic sentence “We’ll fix it in post!”.

Be part of the change

Considering integrating virtual production tools in your next production? Or are you just interested in our mission? We would love to hear from you.